Foam Products

Foam Product Features and Benefits

You can sit or sleep on anything but you can only Rest on Vitafoam
Our Polyflex Range of foams is our Traditional Foam offering, designed to cater for all levels of Comfort, Support and Durability providing our customers with a tailored solution to meet their applications. Included in this Range are foams from low to premium densities with varying comfort factors. Using world class processing technologies and raw materials our, trusted Polyflex products have become the industry standard.
The TechnoFlex Range is our cutting edge Technical Foam offering, designed to enhance all levels of Comfort, Support, Durability and Climatic Control by incorporating the latest in global foam technological advancements, providing our customers with an engineered solution to meet their specialised applications. All foams are at premium densites levels with engineered comfort factors and are produced under stringent world class processing technologies
Supportflex is our latest offering of Premium Support Foams that has been specifically formulated to provide an effective durable and breathable foundation layer, which consistently supports the human body over the entire surface of the product while reducing heat and moisture retention. This development was driven in response to the need to replace the re-bonded foams which were found to provide inconstant support and increase heat and moisture retention levels.
Is our latest generation of Memory foam which is now enhanced with cell opener and thermo-stabilising technology which provides better ventilation, while being less sensitive to variations in ambient temperatures. Customers can now continue to enjoy personalized comfort and consistent pressure-relieving support, all year round.
Is the Ultimate in Climatic Controlled Memory Foam Systems which have been infused with hydrogel beads who's excellenty heat conductive properties aid in the dissipation of heat out of the mattress thereby regulating the climatic conditions for the Ultimate personalized comfort and consistent pressure-relieving support, 24/7/365. On this you can "Snooze but never Lose".
This unique TechnoFlex product seamlessly fuses the resilience and durability of Latex Foams with the pressure reducing properties of Memory Foam providing the "Best of Both" Premium Foam Solutions. Silky to the touch, one's body initially feels the resilience provided by the latex molecules which then succumbs to pressure-relieving support of the memory foam molecules for the Ultimate in levels of luxury.
Is our latest generation of Synthetic Latex Foam which is now enhanced with a cell softening molecule which provides a Hypoallergenic, Luxurious, Plush comfort layer that accepts and embraces one's body while sinking to uncharted levels or rest and relaxation.