Creating Genessi Foam Mattresses

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Genessi Foam Mattresses


A design function whereby channels are created across the product to increase airflow.

Comfort Module

Slightly raised comfort Modules provide unique comfort by moving with the sleeper for ultimate support. The valleys created by the Modules also help enhance airflow.


The measure of how well foam retains its comfort, support and shape even with frequent use.

High Resilience (HR) Foam

Premium polyurethane foam that has been formulated with higher-molecular weight polyols. As a result, foams have a high support factor, which describes the relationship of the surface comfort to deep-down support. HR foam is primarily sold at high density levels and is a very high quality material. The term high resilience was coined based on the improved resilience of these foams when compared to that of conventional foams.

Super-soft Foam

Foam that is very soft yet retains support to enhance comfort. Super-soft has a down-like softness and a luxurious soft touch.

Super-flex Foam

Has 123 patents and is guaranteed to never go flat and always remain comfortable and supportive. The foam's elliptical shaped cell structure provides durability by resisting buckling, resulting in continuous support. Techno-flex feels great with the first use and needs no break-in period.

Support Factor (compression modulus)

A mathematical equation is the ratio of the hardness at a 65% compression compared to the hardness at a 25% compression. The higher this ratio number, the greater the difference between the surface firmness and the deep-down support. Support factor is the best means of measuring comfort for compassion purposes. Higher support factors allow desirable surface softness and firm inner support.

Synthetic Latex

Shares the same properties of natural latex when it comes to full support, durability, pressure relief and quality. Chemicals added during the, manufacturing process allow for better foam consistency and give control over the feel and the density while extending the life of the product. Synthetic latex is extremely comfortable, hypoallergenic and breathable to help regulate temperature.

Zoned Support

Specific zones are created during the convolution process on mattress pads and pillows using various levels of support, or different materials, or a combination of designs to help ergonomically comfort the sleeper. Each independent zone is designed to provide specialised comfort to a specific section of the body.

Reflex Foams

Vitafoam's established premium range of Combustion Modified foams continue to lead the market. The range of 'solid filler free' foams, covering densities between 26kg/ m3 and 65kg/ m3 is by far the widest available and continues to offer superior durability, recovery and service life over competition 'equivalents'.


Origin is our first step towards achieving a vision of a new generation of sustainable foams, each one using increased renewable content with less reliance on petrochemicals. By harnessing this renewable resource and using it to replace the petrochemicals traditionally used in polyurethane foam manufacture, Origin has a much smaller carbon footprint.

Vita Reflex Foams

(What's the difference between Reflex and Vita Reflex Foams?)

Reflexion is only available from Vita Cellular Foams. Specifically designed for use in contract and healthcare seating applications where occupants are seated for long periods. Developed in conjunction with the medical profession, it delivers and increased user comfort through improved body posture and alignment.

Multi-zone Vita Reflex Foams

Multi-zone Reflexion is a medically tested Mattress system for adjustable beds. It combines an upper layer of revolutionary slow recovery Vasco with a thicker, more supportive lower later of high-resilience Reflex material. Both layers feature Multi-zone comfort cells that react individually to forces which are applied.

High Resilient PU Foams

Beside basic polyether based polyurethane foams, there is the group of High Resilient or HR PU Foams. These materials give a high comfort feel and have excellent durability properties.

Gel Flex

A combination of an elastic and air-permeable foam. Gel flex inside, this material from laboratories of Research brings previously unknown sleeping comfort to everyone who truly appreciates the value of relaxing sleep.